Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blog Update -- February, 2016

Here are new blogs (or just new to me):


  1. hola .. was trying to update my blog list ... do you know if any of these still are active ? thanks ..

    1. Hello,

      If a blogger hasn't posted anything in two years, I delete them from my list. (Focus on Ecuador)'s last post was May of 2015. They're still on my list since their last post was less than a year ago.

      Cuenca Culture Shock hasn't posted since May of 2015, and their blog seems to be inactive.

      Since Cuenca Foodie is a website and not a blog, I don't have any information on them.

      It's good to see that there is another person keeping track of the bloggers out there -- not just me!

      Have a good day,

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  3. Please I am noticed lately that many bloggers are not bloggers, are political propaganda, because the President election is getting close, and notice that every one is telling us how bad the present president is. I thing is not our job to said all those thinks, we use to enjoy to Blogs, please comeback the way use to be. Thanks you.